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14th March 2017

SME Instrument Phase 2 funding helps Genaker bring to life their next generation mobile communications service.

What should you do if you are an SME who has an innovative new product, but need resources to finalise development and gain international market exposure?

With 1.28 million Euros in funding secured, Genaker will happily tell you: “apply to the SME Instrument… apply to the SME Instrument!”

Genaker’s  SME Instrument Journey began at the end of 2014 when they applied for phase 1 funding and were astounded when the proposal written by Visum was ranked not just highest in the Security topic that they applied to, but with 14.62 out of 15.00 also highest of the entire cut-off. After finalizing their phase 1 project with positive feedback from the market, Genaker applied for and won SME Instrument phase 2 with a high mark and funding of 1.28 M €–the majority of the total funding won in Catalunya in April-May 2016.

Genaker, with roots from Nokia, have a world leading Push-To-Talk solution that enables high quality, robust and reliable group communications over standard 3G and LTE networks (those used by smartphones). It allows for an enhanced ‘walkie talkie’ type of experience over mobile networks where voice can be combined with data and apps. Already adopted by professionals such as railway maintanence crews, Genaker are now able to finalise their plans for entering the emergency sector where public authorities around the world see the advantages of swapping their traditional and expensive voice-only infrastructure for nationwide telecom operator, high speed data infrastructure.

As Miquel Teixidor, CEO of Genaker and Board member of PIMEC puts it:

The SME Instrument is incredibly competitive, particularly the Security call where only 1 or 2 winners are funded per phase 2 cut-off. For us, the support of Visum was essential. They were thorough with us and our business plans spotting areas for improvements as well as bringing out positives that we needed to better highlight. Thanks to the exceptional close work and guidance from Visum, we have a clear, go-to-market business plan and proper funding allowing us to fully develop our product and be first in the market.

Genaker was founded in 2004 as an independent company dedicated to developing innovative mobile solutions. Created by former engineers and executives at Nokia, its mission is to improve the competitiveness of companies, boost the efficiency of institutions and enhance the security and quality of life for the public through mobile technology.

The Genaker Cloud PTT service provides a fast and reliable walkie-talkie system for professional users with mobile phones or Smartphones, enabling maximum productivity and teamwork coordination. Genaker has many satisfied customers in various sectors including: mBusiness, mSecurity, Mobile Multimedia, mHealth, mLearning and Smart Cities.

Visum helps companies access European funding and markets through a hands-on approach. We have real, practical and on-going experience of European projects and the International ICT environment. We don ́t just talk about European market access, we are helping to drive it. Our staff have both technical development and commercial experience and in many cases are approved Technical Experts employed by the European Commission. This is part of our commitment to deliver work to the highest standards.