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About us

We are the fusion of the knowledge from the companies NVISION, SENSING & CONTROL and VISUM, created in 2006 and with a wide ranging experience of R&D in the ICT arena.

We are experts in the preparation of high quality proposals and project management for European funding programs such as Horizon 2020 (over 75Billion Euros for 2014 to 2020) and Eurostars-Eureka (1.14Billion Euros for 2014 to 2020).

NVISION is formed from a multi-cultural team who have extensive experience working for and within International companies, in both commercial and technical roles. Moreover, we have expert evaluators employed by the European Commission for H2020 and Eurostars-Eureka programs. This resource allows us to provide two key aspects:

            • A clear business focus for our clients projects.
            • The ability to execute our work to the highest standards and levels of quality.

Our process during the preparation and writing of proposals incorporates Business Coaching. We assist in the strategic and organisational development of SMEs and Start-Ups with the objective to finalise and fully validate a new innovation through a successful market entry.


We will support the companies and the organisations that put their trust in us. We will provide a thorough assessment, the advice and the tools to achieve our client’s objectives of financing, of internationalization, of generating innovative ideas, of boosting their R&D.

For our clients we generate add-value proposals for their commercial and investigative ‘fiber’, for the people that collaborate on a daily basis with them, and finally for society as a whole.


We aspire to become the primary strategic partner in the assessment and financing of innovation and investigation projects orientated to the market and to consolidate ourselves as the company of reference in the management of such international solutions.

Our values


We will work with each of our client’s projects as if they were our own. We will work with the maximum engagement to achieve the desired results.


Our work, together with all our actions and procedures, we shall conduct with maximum transparency and loyalty, assuring a climate of confidence and a favourable success.


We will maintain a close relation with our clients, aiming for a fluid communication that will permit us to fully understand their needs and their objectives whilst effectively advancing the execution of our tasks.


We strive to look after the details in the different phases of our work and we are rigorous with deadlines, conditions and the legal terms that apply to our activities.


To grow, we believe in the need to share ideas. Our logo was inspired in the round table of discussions where viewpoints and information are continually shared to drive new solutions.

“If you can meet your professional projects with the same passion as your favorite hobbies, work becomes the challenge you need; less effort, rewarding”



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