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25th April 2016

With two co-founders and minimal funding, DyCare have just won important new funding and support from the European Commission allowing them to go full-time and really build the future for their medical musculoskeletal screening device.

Over 100M people across Europe suffer from chronic musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) such as rheumatoid arthritis, neck, lumbar and shoulder pain. However, 60% of patients with MSD’s are misdiagnosed and are prescribed an ineffective rehabilitation program that delays or prevents their full recovery. DyCare, a startup based in Barcelona with initial assistance from the Bayer ‘Grants4Apps coworking Barcelona’ scheme, have developed a portable motion analysis system based on wearable sensors. The system measures and analyses the movement capacity of human joints in real-time and has received excellent results in early trials.

Working together with Visum Consultants, the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument was identified as a potential source in order to gain some early funding, as well as assistance to more deeply analyse DyCare´s business potential. With a strong innovation idea, Visum helped DyCare to bring the remaining business building blocks together, before writing a professional application.

With a final evaluation of 14.05 out of 15, the proposal was well over threshold and easily accepted for funding.

Now DyCare are looking forward to beginning their 6-month feasibility study; analysing their target market throughout Europe and globally, as well as receiving additional support and business coaching from the European Commission.

Congratulations to DyCare!