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Ecrowd! Have been selected as one of the 185 most innovative SMEs in Europe from over 2056 entries that participated in the SME Instrument phase 1 cut-off of November 2015. Visum are extremely happy for Ecrowd! and congratulate them for the success that they have achieved!

Following an overhaul of their business case and close cooperation with Visum´s business and technical experts, Ecrowd! of Barcelona who operate a crowdlending platform for the financing of energy efficiency projects within their home market of Spain, will now receive 50,000 Euros for 6 months of work to thoroughly investigate the feasibility of scaling their operations to new markets and to new territories. As Matthieu Van Haperen the CEO of Ecrowd!: says “We began working with Visum conscious of the difficulties in obtaining funding in such a competitive call. Having worked with Visum we have not only identified excellent future opportunities to scale our business, but we have also been awarded with the funding and European backing in order to explore and plan for this exciting opportunity. I wouldn´t hesitate to recommend Visum and their team of experts”.

The proposal, Ecrowd2D sits very well against Visum´s other SME Instrument success stories that include an application which scored 14.62(out of 15) and ranked out at number 1 from over 1900 applications in the September cut-off of 2014.

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