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19th December 2017

As the year comes to a close, we are in the very last month of the current Work Program (2016- 2017) and the opportunities for applying to SME Instrument in 2017 have closed. However, the New Year will also herald the beginning of the program for the next three years

From 2018 to 2020, there will be four annual opportunities to submit proposals.

A total of 2,596 SMEs submitted an entry to the last Phase 1 call, which closed on November the 9 th . A highlight was the high presence of Italian (440), Spanish (403) and French (150) companies. The Topic “Open Disruptive Innovation”, aimed at Projects in the field of ICT, was the most demanded, with 668 proposals submitted, 26% of the total and is a trend that has been repeated since the implementation of the Program in 2014.

The number of projects presented in November was much higher than the previous Phase 1 call in September. Here 2,130 competing entries were submitted, of which 2,079 were eligible, again led by ICT projects (547) and with Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom as countries with the highest participation. Of these, 117 projects were financed in which 119 SMEs participated: Of note, there were 17 from Spain, 14 from Italy and 10 from Switzerland and Germany, with an overall success rate of 5.5%.

Regarding Phase 2, in the last call of October, 2,123 projects were presented, with the latest available data from the June call indicating a continued success rate of 3.76%. In June 1,514 proposals were submitted of which 57 were financed, with a total applied financing of 96.8 M €. The countries with the highest number of projects funded were Spain with 12, Denmark with 8, Italy and France, each with 7 financed projects.

We arrived thus at the end of this fourth year since the Horizon 2020 Program (H2020) SME Instrument initiative was launched, with clear signs of both high interest in funding and high competitiveness among European SMEs.

In total 3,196 SMEs have been funded so far (2,422 in Phase 1 and 774 in Phase 2). Would you like to be the next?