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Latest SME Instrument Stats

19th December 2017

As the year comes to a close, we are in the very last month of the current Work Program (2016- 2017) and the opportunities for applying to SME Instrument in 2017 have closed. However, the New Year will also herald the beginning of the program for the next three years

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Why should I patent my innovation?

26th May 2017

Most of our start-up and SME clients ask us this question. Typically it is thought that a patent is only used to enforce against a competitor that copies their technology. But this is not a good reason to patent if you are a small company without the resources to challenge a competitor in court.

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1.28 Million Euros: a powerful boost for any SME

14th March 2017

SME Instrument Phase 2 funding helps Genaker bring to life their next generation mobile communications service.

What should you do if you are an SME who has an innovative new product, but need resources to finalise development and gain international market exposure? read more…


2nd May 2016

Are you a Spanish based SME who has applied to SME Instrument Phase 1? Did you receive a ‘Seal of Excellence’, but did not achieve H2020 funding? Good news, you may apply for funding from the Spanish government. read more…

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